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Sun 02
Sanderstead CC - Under 10
U10s (yr5)
Fielding Clinic at Sanderstead

Fielding Clinic at Sanderstead

By Marc Moderegger
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Roehampton shown how it's done by a class outfit

This week Sanderstead hosted us in South Croydon - a suprisingly pleasant part of Surrey. Despite the pre-match optimism within the parenting circle, the coach was apprehensive as he walked towards the field watching the Sanderstead squad going through their pre-match routine that looked more like some sort of artistic variant of catching, rather than the standard sort of practice we're used to up on the Heath and Sanderstead launching into a group sprint around the field as part of their very professional warm-up didn't help settle his nerves.

More firsts this week:
The first time we've had a between innings break with biscuits, cakes and crisps (which the team made full use of - maybe that's why we were off in the field) and the first time we've had to travel past Croydon this season.

Roehampton lost the toss and were sent in to bat. Things began well with the opening pair of Rafi and Zavi pulling off some audacious running between the wickets and were on track for a score of at least 20 until they tried one too many sneaky runs and Rafi was found short despite a desperate dive and slide that seemed to extend half the length of the pitch! Still, it was a very useful start taking advantage of a slightly sloppy start by an outfit that would show themselves to be much better than the opening four overs. Now that we'd awakened the sleeping dragon, our following pairs all reaped the whirlwind of excellent bowling, and even better fielding - the Sanderstead U10s should release a fielding instructional video and it should be compulsory viewing! The result was that no other Roehampton pair managed to attain positive runs, with Luca and Isaac coming closest with -1. It was hard work out there and I'm sure the Roes will be better players for having to face such an onslaught.

Following the mid-match feast, the volume consumed outweighing the sugar rush received from said volume, Roehampton, despite some good overs, never really managed to get going in the field as Sanderstead simply had too much fire power with the bat and any leeway given them by the bowlers was pounced on. There was simply no-where to hide. Roehampton can look to a few overs and fielding performances as noted in the highlights, but even with the improvement they've shown over the course of the season, Sanderstead ran away as easy winners of the day.

My highlights of the week
George B no extras (wides or no balls) in his first over - that accuracy is getting better every week.
Antoni no runs off the bat when bowling - the only bowler to achieve that. Some good chases in the field as well.
Rafi best bowling figures for the team and negative runs in his second over, great opening partnership with Zavi with some sensational running between the wickets.
Luca two excellent overs resulting in a bowled and negative runs in his second over - one of only two bowlers to achieve that.
Zavi great opening partnership with Rafi and one of only two batsmen not to get out and some good consistent bowling.
George L good line and length bowling at pace and some sensational fielding - he deserved better figures for his bowling (and a wicket).
Daniel beating the batsman all ends up only to see the ball just miss the stumps and the ensuing disbelief that it missed.
Ivo negative runs in his first over (because of his wicket) and one of only two batsmen not to get out.
William second best bowling figures for the team and only one wide giving away less than ten runs in his two overs - awesome improvement
Isaac some excellent sling-style bowling that had both the batsmen and our keeper on the hop.
Learning Experiences they say, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger - we will be testing that theory next weekend.

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Sun 02, Jun 2019



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Under 10 Division 2

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Sanderstead CC - Under 10
Roehampton CC - Under 10