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Sun 12
RCC Cavaliers
Wandsworth Cowboys
Cavs Can't Catch

Cavs Can't Catch

By Josh Bloom
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Turns out if you can't bowl, bat or catch it's hard to win cricket matches

In the spirit of scientific enquiry, the RCC Cavaliers took to the field against Wandsworth Cowboys on a pleasant Sunday to challenge the old adage: 'catches win matches'. Cold, hard reality or old wives' tale?

METHOD: Create lots of chances. This part of the experiment was achieved admirably, with a total of 11 catching chances created; most easy, some difficult. Of these chances, 3 were taken (27% success).

RESULTS: RCC lost emphatically however a post-match 'big data' analysis notes that an ability to occupy the crease, protect one's wicket and score runs are also strong contributing factors to winning matches.

CONCLUSION: more data required; and also that the teas were delightful, the weather was great and it was a fab day out the only a closer result could have made better :)

(Special mention to Fahad for the most optimistic shout of 'catch!' ever heard on the Heath - as I stood on the ropes and watched the ball sail a good 50 metres over my head into the treetops!! - Ed)

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Sun 12, May 2019



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