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Sat 29
Horley CC, Surrey - 2nd XI
2nd XI
2s cling on for the draw

2s cling on for the draw

By Josh Bloom
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Zak and SAK cling on to deny Horley the victory

Words: Joe Purnell

Roeys travelled, for what felt like eternity to take on Horley, at a lovely ground somewhere near the proposed second runway at Gatwick. It was hot. Probably too hot.

Roeys won the toss, and elected to field, but given this was a timed game, what else would we have done? Bat and have to take 10 wickets? No chance pal! Such is the nature of the timed game, 10 wickets are required for 20 points. Adds an extra dynamic. Did I mention it was hot?

Roeys took to the field at 1 o’clock. The start time. It’s always the start time, always has been, always will be. So one must ask, where in the world were the bowling attack? Zak, Shahid, Babar and Yas all late. It was as if the usual 1 o’clock start time caught them off guard. Thankfully Horley were in no rush and play begun at quarter past. Still hot.

Roeys commenced their bowling and managed to keep it very tight on an absolute road of a wicket (or runway). However they didn’t really threaten the Hores (their actual nickname, how inclusive). The score meandered along at 5 an over, tough chances were dropped. Eventually the breakthrough came from a brilliant bit of fielding, from Ejaz. Yes, Ejaz - easily the most improved fielder at RCC in the last year. He had one stump to aim at and ran the Hores batsman out with a direct hit. All that ‘bowling’ at nets paying dividends in the fielding department.

In came number 3. He scored 110 and was largely untroubled. They pushed the score along to 260 – 3 in 40 overs. Ably assisted by the opener and keeper who got 60 and 40 respectively. I bowled an over of filth (went for 26 for those wondering). The classic ‘wish you were staying on’ joke was made by the batsman. Good one. Still no cooler.

Tea was lovely, mainly because we had a chance to get out the heat.

Mods and Stu set about chasing them down. The Hores took the old ball, a timed cricket classic. Dazza and Fizza tied Mods down, Stu had more joy before engaging in the Roey 2s favourite past time of giving catching practice. That bought out Purnell de Jour. Purnell also took part in some early catching practice. Thankfully the Horley fielder didn’t want to play. Purnell lived on. The new ball came out. Immediately Mods played catching practice with the keeper, turns out he did want to play. Babar came and went missing the straight one, another Roehampton classic hit. Purnell and Fahad knuckled down and put on a good stand together. Fahd fell for 26 to the straight one and then Purnell fell for 82. More catching practice. Silly really as we were going at the required rate and had overs to spare.

Roeys then collapsed. Inevitably. So Zak and SAK shut up shop for the final wicket. An honourable draw, or bore draw, depending on who you play for. It was still hot at 7.30.

MOM - Joe

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Sat 29, Jun 2019




2nd XI Division 1