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Rohan and Jervis inspire confident Victory

Rohan and Jervis inspire confident Victory

Badger Ewins4 Jul 2023 - 10:44
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Promotions feels closer after another 2s win, by George Howard-Smith

Jervis sets us off to a flyer with a magnificent spell taking 4-15, with some unplayable deliveries glancing the top of off. Only to be further complimented by Ben's quick hands behind the stumps taking two wholly impressive catches early on, as the opposition found themselves in serious trouble. Some very tight bowling ensued from Monis and Dharmesh taking one and two wickets respectively, leaving Chobham on 75-7 going into the drinks break.

As play resumed, Dharmesh throws a full toss down at leg stump, just for Jamie to wear on the arm as it is middled out of the bat as he fields at short leg. After very briefly considering using the stumps as a weapon and apology from the bat, Jamie decided it was unintentional and wore the injury like a champion.

Tom dutifully steps up to bowl and join Sid in an off-spin masterclass, with Sid taking two strong wickets to bring us home in the final overs. To their credit the no.9 and no.3 of Chobham made a strong effort rebuilding their innings with their no.3 going on to make 102*. Be this through sheer skill and talent, or someone dropping a sitter as he was on 98 to end the innings, we’ll never know. Given their situation, Chobham come off the pitch with an impressive 188-9, however, our batting line-up remained confident and undeterred.

Whilst the England top order crumbled, we showed no such weakness with Phil hitting a strong and quick 28 with some beautiful shots into the distance to get us going before being dismissed. Stu came undone shortly after, with debate ensuing as to if it was the perfect unplayable delivery or a ball that bounced twice and rolled into the stumps, as an 11, I sympathise and do not believe even the finest players could keep out such venom.

Enter, Toby and Rohan. Toby remained calm and controlled throughout his innings, a combination of impressively quick and brave running and assured sweeping saw us ticking along very nicely. Rohan put on a perfect display of timing, power hitting, and patience. Devotedly blocking the odd, good ball, but largely dispatching bowlers back over their heads or whichever which way pleased him most at the time. The only way it seemed possible for Rohan to get out followed, as a piece of great fielding followed by a direct hit saw him walk off the pitch with 57 from 43 balls, despite more being deserved, Rohan had done more than enough to put us in a winning position.

With 40 runs needed at drinks to take us home and 3 wickets down. Our rock, our light, our Captain, Ben takes the field. With similar gusto as was previously shown by Rohan he assuredly takes on the bowling attack guiding us with Toby at his side, remaining ever-present. The pair of them finishing on 33*, bringing home a strong and well-deserved victory in the process.

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