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4s Back to Winning Ways

4s Back to Winning Ways

Badger Ewins4 Jul - 10:37
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Rubel plays the 4s to victory, by Zain Latif

"Will they fight?" asked young Shmir, his voice filled with anticipation, as he made his way to the Roehampton 4th Army command post on the high ground of the battlefield. 4th Army had positioned H Rubel on the right flank, his presence a stark reminder that resistance was indeed futile. Despite this show of force, Chipstead, Coulsdon, and Walcountians did not break, their battle standards raised high, a defiant symbol of their resolve.
Raghib proclaimed with an imperious tone, "Men should know when they are defeated." His words lingered in the air, challenging the very essence of our warrior souls. I could not help but respond, "Would you, Raghib? Would I?"
In that exchange, the understanding between men of honour was unspoken yet profound. The wind whispered ancient tales of valour and sacrifice, carrying the echoes of battles long past.
"This day summons us to battle," I declared, my voice laden with the weight of duty. "Let us once again overcome our foes, so that our renown precedes us and future adversaries tremble at the mere mention of the Roehampton 4th Army." With compassion in our hearts, we held our full assault force in reserve, as Chipstead, Coulsdon, and Walcountians chose to bat first. However, as LBW appeals were dismissed time and time again, it became clear that initially benefit of doubt towards the umpire’s so-called neutrality was slowly being eroded. It was in the 22nd over, when a fiery yorker struck the form batsman's toe in front of the wicket, that I realized no number of appeals would suffice. When the umpire, dismissing my plea, claimed the ball was going to stray down the leg side, defying Newtonian laws, I stood unwavering, pondering whether such miraculous ball movement merited sainthood or a Nobel Prize in Physics. Alas, both petitions were denied. Undeterred, I summoned the formidable HM Rubel to take charge and secure our triumph. As Rubel sent the middle stump cartwheeling in the ensuing over, the opposition's innings crumbled, paving the way for our turn at the crease.
"Terror belli, decus pacis" – these words grace the blades of every Roehampton 4th warrior, representing terror in battle, and an ornament in times of peace. Immelman and the youthful Rafayel Latif embarked on their quest to lay a solid foundation. Though fate befell the young centurion as the partnership approached the 100-run mark, the wise Awais assumed the spotlight, providing Immelman with the platform to unleash his wrath upon the hapless bowlers. With a flurry of sixes and fours, Immelman concluded the game in a triumphant display, removing his helmet and thundering, "Are you not entertained?"
The echoes of battle waned, replaced by a symphony of jubilation, as the Roehampton 4th Army emerged as victors, their triumph etched in the annals of history.
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